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2018 Race Season is Under Way

There may be 10" of snow on the ground outside, but the 2018 SCCA race season is already underway. Steve and his Introne Racing crew kicked off the season last week with a trip down to Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA (right on the Virginia and North Carolina border), for the inaugural North Carolina Region "March Into Spring" event. The trip 10 hours south is part of a long-term preparation plan for the team, as VIR is set to host the 2019 SCCA National Championship Runoffs. Getting seat time and track experience there this year, will only help Steve as he competes and plans to race at the Runoffs again next year.

The southern adventure was definitely a success, as Steve managed to turn lap times consistent with what drivers were achieving during last year's Majors events. A confirmation that he has the times to compete. He took the podium finishing 3rd on Saturday's race; and battled hard on Sunday, with multiple position changes, eventually taking home 4th.

The full 2018 race schedule:

March 9-11: Virginia International Raceway

May 11-13: Virginia International Raceway

June 1-3: New Jersey Motorsports Park

June 15-16: Limerock Park

August 4-5: New Hampshire Motor Speedway

September 14-16: Watkins Glen

October 5-7: Thompson Speedway

October 13-14: Virginia International Raceway

Unlike the past two years, Steve does not plan to attend the Runoffs as a competitor in 2018. The championships will be held this year at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California, October 16-21. Instead, Steve will use the 2018 season to continue honing his skills at local tracks and preparing for a Championship run in 2019 at VIR.

In addition to the above races the team will compete at, the Introne family will also attend the following events as National Flagging and Communications marshals, volunteering their support in the safety and operations of the event.

May 6: Palmer Motorsports Park

May 26-27: New Hampshire Motor Speedway

September 8-9: Palmer Motorsports Park

October 15-21: SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Sonoma Raceway

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