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Introne Racing: Runoffs Qualifying Update

Record high end-of September temperatures are playing havoc for drivers at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs. Finishing up the 5th straight day of actual temperatures reaching into the mid-to-high 90's at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and heat index ratings breaking triple digits, it's made for rough racing and qualifying among the 1000+ competitors.

As Day 2 of Qualifying wraps up, the Introne Racing team is looking forward to the heat break that forecasters are calling to come through the area later tonight and hold through the weekend.

Record Entries

With a record-setting 101 SRF3 cars entered into this 54th Runoffs (the largest field here this weekend), Steve has had his work cut out for him. SCCA has already had to adjust the schedule to accommodate the large number of SRF3 entries. As it currently stands, after the Wednesday qualifying session, the drivers with the top 60 times will be guaranteed a spot in Saturday's SRF3 Championship race. Those drivers with the 61-101 times will compete in a "Last Chance Race" Thursday evening. The first 12 finishers from that race will move on to complete the 72-car field for Saturday's showcase. Drivers 13 and back will pack up and go home.

#12 SRF3 Current Standings

After a weekend of testing and tuning, Steve had a great qualifying session on Monday. He came off the track with a 1:52.814 as his fastest time, securing him the 41st position out of the 101 cars. Tuesday's high temperatures, combined with a swap to older tires, meant Tuesday's qualifying did not see any improvements. View the complete grid after Tuesday's qualifying here.

Close Competition

To understand just how tight the competition is within the SRF3 field, consider these stats:

  • Steve is currently only 2.293 seconds off of the pole position, yet sits in the 44th spot on the grid.

  • There are 25 drivers currently turning in lap times in the 1:52 time range. The differences are mere hundredths and thousandths of a second.

  • An improvement in just 0.50 seconds for Steve, would result in him gaining 14 positions on the grid.

  • From 1st position to the 101st position, the difference in qualifying times is only 7.277 seconds.

The Introne Racing team is busy making last minute adjustments for tomorrow's qualifying session, with the goal to secure a spot in the Top 60 and ensure participation in Saturday's race. Once again, the team is grateful for all the support from our sponsors this year. Thanks again to Black Hog Brewing, Inline Plastics Corp., Quality Autobody, and Introne Communications.

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