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SCCA NER Region PIT TALK - Runoffs Recap with Introne Racing

Fred Mahler, long-time SCCA Flagging and Communications chief, authored his recap of the 2016 SCCA Runoffs, including a noteworthy write-up of Introne Racing and some of our (mis)adventures during the race weekend. And yes, that's the Introne Racing #12 car in the pit lane featured on the front page of the article!

The full article was published in the December 2016 issue of Pit Talk Magazine, the official publication of the SCCA New England Region.

A few of our favorite outtakes:

"So his offer was to have Hummish, Dad, and me do a pit stop for him. In return for our services we would be compensated with some of his sponsor's products. The sponsor in question was Black Hog Brewing Co... SOLD!"

"...he was very appreciative of our help and said that while he was sitting there watching his wife run up and down the pit lane, it was like a slow motion scene from "Baywatch" and rather humorous. After that we decided that for the rest of the week Melissa would be referred to as Pamela Introne and that it was a good idea is I never touch his nuts (lugs) every again!"

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