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Blogging: It's Good for Business

Business blogging is increasingly becoming one of the primary marketing tools to attract, engage and retain customers. As one of the more cost-effective techniques available, many companies are realizing that establishing and maintaining an active blog is just smart business. But be warned, business blogs need to be well-written and relevant. Poorly written content can backfire and become a blemish on a company’s reputation. But if done well, a blog can bring many benefits as owners are able to quickly and easily communicate with their clients and customers. Here are five ways blogging benefits businesses.

Increases Traffic and Conversion Rates

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword searches, content indexes – this may seem like a foreign language to a small business owner. What they all ultimately mean is that new and fresh content, regularly updating and adding to a website, increases the likelihood that potential customers will put eyes on your website and business offerings when searching online. “A blog is the single most important thing you can do for SEO,” explain Aileen McDonough, owner of 3am Writers in North Attleboro. “The more quality content you regularly provide, the better your SEO will be.” Then once those eyes are there, the blogs create a call to action to get them engaged with your company. Blogging not only attracts new customers, it then helps convert them into new sales.

Build and Strengthen Relationships with New and Existing Customers

Blogging adds a human component to your company. Service, Product, and About Us pages are straightforward facts on a website. Blogs allows businesses to express what they are passionate about. They give customers an insight into the people behind the products; to find out who they’ll be working with and why they should. “Regular blog posts provide a quick and easy way to share info and educate customers, keeping the connections current as well,” McDonough added. Out of sight typically means out of mind. Sharing new blog articles maintains an on-going relationship with past customers that can lead to repeat business.

Effective and Cost-Efficient Marketing

73% of businesses use blogging as a marketing technique, according to Hubspot. Whereas marketing practices like advertising and media buys can be extremely costly, blogging can be produced and distributed for a fraction of the investment. When shared through social media platforms, the exponential exposure of a marketing blog can result in a much higher return on the investment. Additionally, blogs are long-lasting. An ad will be swapped out and replaced when it’s time is up. Blogs can compound, building a bank of content to share. One written weeks or months ago, starts to trend again, or gets new reads as newer blogs link and reference it.

Enhances Your Brand as an Industry Authority

Blogs are an excellent way to address common questions and concerns. A blog post allows businesses to go more in depth in the explanation and have a conversation with the reader, unlike a Q&A page. These discussions make for better educated customers, who ultimately are easier to work with throughout the sales process. They also position the business as an expert or authority that people can turn to for answers and information, before, during or after the sale.

Opens the Door to Communication

Blogging facilitates discussion. It is not a one-way street. Blogs allows business to initiate a conversation, but are also a way for clients and customers to talk back – which can provide businesses with valuable information. Businesses can garner a treasure trove of info by engaging in comment board discussions that evolve from a blog post. Feedback on likes and dislikes, praises, recommendations, and even criticisms are all extremely useful details that allow a business to look inside the minds of their customers and figure out exactly what they want, what works, and what doesn’t.

Bottom line, blogging is a cost-effective way to influence customers if it is well-written, timely and relevant. It allows businesses to interact with their customers, gain real-world feedback, and establish authority in the industry; which is why more and more companies are realizing the benefits of maintaining an active blog.

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